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Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019) Ft. Yash & Mimi

Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019) Ft. Yash & Mimi,

Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019)

Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019)

Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019)

Dil Mein Hamar Tu Video Song – Taxi Wala (2019) Ft. Yash & Mimi HD

Song Name: Dil Mein Hamar Tu
Singer: Diptarka Bose
Lyrics: Pushpa Pandey
Music: Lincon
Programming: Bob Sn
Music Label: SVF Music
Film : Mon Jaane Na
Starring : Yash Dasgupta, Mimi Chakraborty and others
Written and Directed by : Shagufta Rafique

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The movie starts off with an odd scene in a hospital and then cuts to an year later.

Shiva( Vijay Devarakonda) comes to Hyderabad to live with his friend(Madhunandan) and find a job. His friend suggests him a couple of jobs and Shiva tries all of them. But he is not satisfied and decides to become a taxi driver. He goes to his village to get money from his brother ( Ravi Krishna) but instead gets it from his sister-in-law ( Kalyani) who readily gives away her mangalsutra to him. Shiva and his friends search for a car in their budget but fail. One morning, Shiva gets a call from an unknown person who tells him that he has a car which is ready to be sold. Shiva meets the car’s owner and takes the car happily, while his friend is a little hesitant.

Shiva starts to work for the Ola Cab Service. On his first ride, he falls in love with a girl named Anusha (Priyanka Jawalkar) . Then, he starts to experience spooky things in the car. He tries to contact the car’s previous owner but is unable to do so. A fake fakir comes and fools them by taking the car away. The fakir is almost killed while he is inside the car. Next morning, Shiva and his friends see the car in their garage. Shiva has to arrange money for his sister-in-law’s delivery, so he starts to drive the car again. He is saved from an accident by the car itself. Once, after dropping Anusha at her residence, Shiva is pleased by a doctor ( Uttej )to drop him somewhere. But, the doctor is killed when is hit in the car and is ran on by a train after being thrown out of the car.

Shiva decides to go to the car’s previous owner’s house and steal something so that he can demand money from him. He and his friends go there and find a person in the store room of the house. They admit him in a hospital. The person wakes up and tells that he knows why the car behaves oddly. He tells that he was a professor of psychology and parapsychology. Once, he teaches a subject called Astral Projection through which one can separate his/her soul from the body before death. A student named Sisira Bharadwaj ( Malavika Nair ) asks him to perform it on her. He asks her the reason behind her intention. In a flashback, Sisira tells her story- She lives with her mother ( Yamuna ) and her step-father, Raghuram. Her mother dies and she is greatly disturbed by this. She tells him that she wants to know who killed her mother. The professor performs Astral Projection on her and in the process, she starts to go deep into the Astral world.

Raghuram arrives and takes the professor and Sisira in a car, along with his friend, who is a doctor. But both of them hit the professor and Sisira’s soul is separated from her body. Sisira’s body is taken away by a clinic as she donates her body. On knowing this, Shiva apologizes to her spirit. The professor tells them that Sisira can be brought back to life if they get her body. Shiva and his friends go to the clinic and get the body, with the help of the security guard turned fakir who had tried to steal their car earlier. Raghuram wishes to see Sisira’s body and comes to the clinic. He is almost killed by her spirit, but saves himself. Shiva beats him and takes him and Sisira’s body to the professor’s lab. Raghuram wakes up and tries to take Sisira’s body away but the vehicle gets burned by Sisira’s soul. Shiva gets extremely saddened.

He gets a call from Anusha who tells him that his sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl. He goes to the hospital only to realize the baby had died due to Chromosome Abnormality. All of them go to the garage and console each other. While the baby’s body is in the car, Sisira’s soul enters the body and the baby starts crying. Shiva, his brother, his sister-in-law, his friends, the professor and Anusha come together and cuddle the baby.


আমি আপনার জন্য নুতন গান মুভি ভিডিও দিয়া থাকি।কেমন লাগে কমেন্ট করে জানবেন।

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